Your kitchen is the focal point and main gathering place for your family. It’s cabinets need to be beautiful, functional and extremely durable. When you build with Beason, you can be sure of that, because we use handcrafted custom cabinetry from Holiday and semi-custom cabinets from Timberlake, two of the world’s finest cabinet companies. As Holiday’s slogan says, “You are where you eat.”

When you select your cabinets, consider price, but also textures, wood grains, colors, finishes, drawers and doors, framed or frameless (European style). The woods can be alder, cherry, hickory, maple, red oak, quarter sawn oak, and more, or you may choose exotic veneers and metals. The cabinets are custom colored for your individual taste, with a dozen glaze options and over 100 door styles.

Yes, they will all have soft drawer closures, interlocking dovetail joints and edges that have been painstakingly installed so that they fit perfectly together. But there is so much more to really fine quality kitchen cabinets, and that begins with the manufacturer. The factory must have a plant-wide humidity control system, so that the proper moisture level of the wood is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. This assures stability and uniform color. The companies must also have a state-of-the-art sanding system, and experienced craftsmen, artists in wood, at every station.

In our age of conservation, the companies we use must also be KCMA Green Certified. This means they avoid VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, protecting themselves and your family from poisonous fumes. And they guarantee to conserve natural resources and have minimal waste stream and pollution.

In short, we only use the very best, so you only get the very best.