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Our custom build process will go more smoothly than you might expect.

If you want to custom build a new home or do a full renovation, you need a company that puts pride and craftsmanship into every detail. Here at Beason Homes, we are dedicated to providing you with a home you can be proud of when you first move in and for many years to come. We understand that a home is a major investment and you might not want to compromise when it comes to your “must-have” criteria. That is why we custom build homes – to give you the specific details that will achieve everything you have in mind.

Custom Build in Denver, North Carolina

Our custom build process goes more smoothly than what you might find with other builders in the Denver, North Carolina area. We have created a process that is easier to understand and keeps you in the loop at the critical points so nothing falls through the cracks. The multitude of client testimonials we can show you since our inception in 2008 will give you confidence that we are your best option for your custom build project.

Custom Build in Denver, North Carolina

If you are looking for a custom build result that saves time and money, our semi-custom homes have a predesigned floor plan with customization options to make it your own. You gain the benefits of a custom home without some of the challenges that can be involved. Feel free to give us a call to learn more.

If you have any questions about our custom build capabilities or any of our construction services as a general contractor, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom Build