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Get the size, layout and features you want in a home with a custom build.

Finding the right home for your family can be a challenge! If it feels like you are going over all the homes in your price range and coming up underwhelmed time and time again, then maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the box by building your own! A custom build with our team here at Beason Homes is a great way for you to get the size, floor plan, layout and features that you are looking for without worrying about remodeling nightmares.

Custom Build

When you choose to do a custom build with Beason Homes, you will find that we have the experience that you are looking for to get your dream home and to get it done right! We started right in the depth of the Recession when customers were scarce and have still managed to build a successful home and contracting business. We managed to stay in business during these difficult times by proving to our customers that we can do a custom build unlike any other contractors in the area. We work hard to ensure that our customer’s needs are met, that we are consistent and timely, and that when you see the end results, you’ll be nothing but overjoyed!

If you are looking for someone qualified, talented and capable who can help get you in to your dream home, come and talk with us here today at Beason Homes about a custom build option. We look forward to working with you in the future on your own custom home!

Custom Build in Denver, NC