Custom Homes

Custom homes are designed and built for people who want to minimize compromises. True custom homes begin with an architect or residential designer, some paper and a pencil, and eventually evolve to computer-aided design. At Beason, we work with your architect or residential designer or ours, and we categorize these extraordinary, one-of-a-kind homes into our Legacy Series. Larger and more complex, these Lake Norman homes start at approx. $650,000.

Semi-custom homes use existing architectural plans but add custom details that turn your new house into your home. This saves you time and money. We have a number of exceptional layouts to choose from, and we call these homes our Heritage Series. They start at $400,000.

In either case, Legacy or Heritage, we know you will be thrilled with your new Beason home along Lake Norman. You’ll love it because it is top quality, gorgeous, and a great value…a superb investment financially, in your family, in your career, and in your life.

Your Beason home along Lake Norman is a great place to entertain neighbors, prospects, clients, bankers, lawyers, CPAs, investors and co-workers. Our wonderful weather allows us to entertain indoors and out for all but a few weeks each year. They’re also quiet spots to decompress, to enjoy, kick back and relax. A legacy for your children and grandchildren, they’re a place to host Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays and other family holidays. Lake Norman area schools will give your children among the very best educations in the nation, and our many places of worship will help them develop great character and values.