5 Benefits of New Construction Homes

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build a new construction home
Home buying can be a long and stressful process. You might have spent many hours walking through homes with realtors before you thought of the possibility of building your own home. If you can find a lot that fits your budget in a neighborhood you like, new construction is a great way to go. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you will see by choosing a new construction home:

1.  Custom or semi-custom design. When you build a home with us, you have the freedom to choose from one of our home plans and customize it to your specifications or to build a fully custom home. Either way, you will be able to choose a layout that works best for your family’s needs. You will be able to add personal touches that you would never have the opportunity to do with an existing home.

2.  You won’t have pressure to buy a home you are not sure you really want. The home buying process can be very competitive and negotiating with sellers against other buyers can be exhausting and full of pressure. You often have to make a decision on whether you want the home or not within a period of a week or two. That is a big decision with not a lot of time to think it over! When you build a new construction home, you can take your time and make sure it is something you really want before signing the papers. The only competition you may have to deal with is the lot you choose, but only if home lots are selling quickly in your area.

3.  There is no need to worry about big repairs needing to happen soon. Many existing homes have been around long enough that you are going to need to plan for some sort of big repair while you own the home (think: new roof, water heater, HVAC unit, etc.). With a new home, everything is brand new and will last for years!

4.  Nothing will be dated in your newly built home. Existing homes might cost less than new construction, but have you factored in the cost of remodeling? With a new home you don’t have to make the sacrifice of living with a sadly outdated kitchen or that ugly green carpet while you wait for the extra money or time to make the updates. Instead, you can choose finishes and colors that fit your style now! You choose your paint color, cabinet style, faucets and fixtures, carpet, other flooring, and appliances.

5.  It will cost you less to heat and cool a new construction home. This is because everything will be built to the maximum energy efficiency, according to building standards. Your insulation, windows, and doors will work together to keep the hot or cold air inside (depending on the season) and won’t allow outside air to slip in. All of your appliances will also be energy efficient, saving you more money.