Floor PlansAt Beason Homes, we have many stunning floor plans already drafted that can be incorporated into the custom homes we build. As you look at our available floor plans, we urge you not to make some of these common mistakes to ensure that you are happy with the way your custom home’s floor plan flows and functions long-term:

•   Don’t assume all floor plans are for everyone—One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when they look through our floor plans is not picturing how their family will use the space once their home is built. Even though you might love one floor plan, keep in mind that it might not be the right way to go if it won’t work for your family.

•   Don’t forget to think about your needs for space—As you look through our floor plans, carefully consider the dimensions of all of the rooms. While it’s easy to assume that all of the rooms will have plenty of space for your needs, think about the size of your furniture and whether you will have the room to do the activities you enjoy on a regular basis.

•   Don’t forget to consider safety—If you have small children, it’s important to think about safety while you are picking out your floor plan. While that grand staircase or luxurious balcony may be stunning, these features may not be a good fit if you will have young children running around your home.