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It has long been the American dream to have a large house, but that is changing. As more families find they spend very little time at home, it isn’t surprising that many opt to downsize when looking at a home design for their next property. Here are some of the benefits that you could enjoy if you take the plunge and have a smaller home built than you are currently living in or build as your first home.

  • Reduced Mortgage – Generally speaking, the larger the house, the larger the price and the mortgage payment. Going with a smaller home design could save you hundreds each month that you could put towards a vacation, college fund, retirement fund or entertainment.
  • Reduced Insurance – A larger home also costs more to insure. While a mortgage payment is something that can have a return on investment, insurance funds are gone forever.
  • Reduced Utilities – A smaller home design is going to be more energy efficient and cost you less in heating and cooling costs when both sizes are similarly insulated. In addition, fewer rooms can mean less lighting, which also reduces your power bill.
  • Reduced Property Taxes – Property taxes are based on the value of the home, so you’ll pay less if your home design is smaller and lower in cost. As is the case with insurance and utilities, this expense doesn’t help your future in the least.
  • Reduced Maintenance – It takes far less time to clean a smaller home than a large one. Other maintenance costs and time spent are also reduced.

If the idea of a home design that is more compact and financially beneficial sounds good to you, give us a call at Beason Homes. We have a variety of home plans to choose from that can also be customized to give you the results that best suit your needs.