House Floor PlansMost people learn that a valuable method for decision making is sitting down with a pad of paper and a pen and listing the pros and cons of each option on the table. This is a great tool for making sure you don’t overlook something, and it also helps to take the emotional component out of the decision. The same is true when considering house floor plans for building a new home. However, instead of pros and cons, start with what your needs and wants are. This is also a tool to make decisions when emotions don’t come before logic, and it will serve you well in the long run.

You can think of it like needs are logic and wants are emotion; however, it is important to not overlook wants, either. You want your house floor plans to provide the space you need, the rooms you need, and the features you need, but you also want living there to be enjoyable. For example, you might determine that your family size dictates that two bathrooms are a need, but since you do a fair amount of entertaining, an additional half bath would be nice, too, and thus a legitimate want.

Once you have your list drawn up of needs and wants, don’t settle, particularly on the needs. Everything on your needs list should be on the house floor plans you would select from. Next move to the wants and pro-rate them based on what you’d like the most. When you find house floor plans that meet all your needs and the majority of your wants, you will have chosen wisely.

At Beason Homes, we specialize in semi-custom homes that enable you to take affordable house floor plans and tweak them to include as many of your “wants” as possible. We take the time during the initial planning stage to outline the customization you can choose and give you individual quotes for them, so you can choose those that fit your wants and your budget. Call us today, and you’ll see how our talent for building on tradition can work to your advantage when choosing house floor plans and getting the home of your dreams.