home designCraving custom home design, but don’t know where to start? Try Beason Homes, where we emphasize design, affordability, and craftsmanship as the builders of your new home. Our website is designed to help get your creative juices flowing. It immediately offers possibilities in home designs we have already explored that may catch your attention. So start turning our pages!

You can go straight into exploring your options of floor plans and the available lots they could be housed on to try to find a combination that is well-suited just to you and the next chapter for your family. Next, start thinking about your own ideas for the design of your home: What colors make sense for you and your family? Do you want to include bit of nostalgia? Even though you want custom, what aspects do you already know you don’t want to worry about? Oh! And what if your family loves books, more than one might expect? What if your home could love books as much as you do? And an efficient use of space? If you crave it, we can build it. After all, including craftsmanship and affordability in custom home design is what we do!

So pick out a floor plan, idolize a lot, and drag out all your pictures and notes and even your scrapbook and get them in front of us, so we can start creating the plans to the home design you crave. What could end happier than that?