Get the Sweet Semi-Custom Home You Savor

semi-custom homeHave you sampled the list of floor plans at Beason Homes? Is everything just right for the home you want to build on the lot you want to pick except that one thing? What flavor is missing – is it something about the kitchen? Do you envision yourself opening a bakery from your home? Teaching your children to be sous chefs before they get any bigger? Having the WHOLE family over for Thanksgiving and not feeling it’s a fuss? Always wanted a double oven or a second island to work from? A semi-custom home may be just what you need.

If you’ll be happy with the design other than that “one thing” you envision just a little differently, our semi-custom homes are just for you. We don’t do just kitchens or just bathrooms, but we do build homes with that kitchen or that bathroom that we designed together just for you and your growing family. So if you are savoring not just your mother’s sugar cookie recipe, but some square footage and sunlight to bake those cookies in, our semi-custom home building option is sure to put the smile on your face you’ve been waiting for and a fresh-baked feeling in your heart.

Contact us with the ideas and needs you have for the custom aspect you desire for your new home — along with any plan(s) you like– we can even show you more if you’re not done sampling! And we’re sure to come up with the recipe for the dream kitchen you’ll savor for time to come. So let’s get cooking! Your family won’t be young forever!