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Floor Plans
It is not surprising that the way floor plans are developed changes throughout the years. After all, lifestyles have changed considerably. A few years ago, families tended to entertain in their formal living room or dining room, whereas today it is more common to hang out in the kitchen or an outdoor living space. As a result, few floor plans include these two formal rooms but focus on a large kitchen instead.

Another thing that has changed is an increase in telecommuting and home-based businesses. This rise has promoted an increase in home office spaces being incorporated into floor plans. These can be anywhere from a bedroom size without a closet to a large workroom area. The need for office space not only revises the floor plans but also the electrical system to provide sufficient power for computers and other electronics.

A less common change in floor plans, yet one gaining in popularity, is an internal room that can be used as a safe room. It may be reinforced or be as simple as a windowless room that is safer in extreme weather situations. Some opt to make it concealed so it can be a place where valuables are stored.

Today’s floor plans also include more bathrooms than those built a couple of decades ago. A home with only one bathroom is not acceptable for many of today’s families. It is common to see a bathroom for each bedroom, plus a half-bath for guests to use.

Here at Beason Homes, you’ll find that our floor plans are designed for the modern family. In addition, you can enjoy some customized options to make your floor plan fit your needs even better. We have been in business since 2008 and have earned a reputation for quality and professionalism. Call today to learn more.