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Homes for Sale
There are several stages in your life where you may look for homes for sale – as a new couple, a growing family, and a retiree. What you need in a home varies widely for each of these times. If you are reaching your retirement years and looking to make a change, your needs will be quite a bit different than the previous times you have looked at homes for sale. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Accessibility – Even if you are completely mobile and independent, there may come a time when that isn’t the case. Finding homes for sale that are either already handicap-friendly or would be easy to modify will save you money later.
  • Location – Consider homes for sale that have the things you need now and could need in the future within an easy drive. Look for restaurants, grocery stores, and medical facilities.
  • Maintenance – Retirement means not having a job to go to, but if you go with homes for sale that have a lot of upkeep, you won’t be as free to do the things you love as you might think. Also consider that an older home will need more attention, so going with new construction may be your best option.
  • Allow for Company – A mistake that many retirees make is downsizing to a one-bedroom home because they no longer have children at home. However, one or two extra bedrooms can prove handy for visiting grandchildren and a caregiver down the road.

If you are nearing retirement age and are considering a change, contact us at Beason Homes. We have pre-sold homes, spec homes, and we build semi-custom homes. We can help you decide what is most important to you, so you can enjoy your golden years.