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Semi-custom homes are homes that are built from an existing floor plan
Are you hoping to  but are apprehensive about the long process and expense that a custom home can bring? We have a great solution for you: consider looking into a semi-custom build instead. Semi-custom homes are homes that are built from an existing floor plan supplied by the builder, but you are able to customize the plan to suit your tastes as the buyer.

We have many floor plans that you can look through and choose from, and we will work together with you to modify your plan to meet your needs. Here is a look at how semi-custom homes can save you both time and money when compared with building a totally custom home.

Semi-Custom HomesCustom Homes
You are given a selection of floor plans to look through and choose one that fits you, with freedom to customize as desired.You have to find your own floor plan or design a floor plan of your own. You are not limited in any way, which means you spend much more time searching for that “just right” plan.
Your customization options are limited. You are able to choose things like paint colors, flooring materials, exterior finishes, cabinetry, etc. You can also change some structural items with the floor plan to make it fit what you are looking for.The sky is the limit with customization in a custom home, but that also means there is no limit to how expensive it can get. You would be surprised to find out how much even the little things add up to be.
Usually you have a deadline given to you for when changes can be made by. If you don’t submit your changes by that date, you usually have to pay a change fee on top of the cost of the customization. The deadline given with semi-custom homes means that the home will be finished faster.No deadlines are given as this is your custom home. This can be nice, but it is also one of the main reasons why custom homes take much longer to build; because owners continue to add things or make changes all throughout the process, causing delays.