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New Construction
There is no denying the excitement of planning a new home and watching it go up before your eyes. The benefits of having a new home do not come without challenges, however. To determine whether new construction is right for you, consider the following benefits and challenges you can expect, so you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of New Construction

  • Everything is New – When everything in your home is new, you won’t run the risk of facing a costly repair in the first few months. An existing home could have you paying for one or more appliances, a new roof or roof repair, HVAC repair or replacement or even structural issues to contend with.
  • No Previous Occupant – It can be great feeling to know that every memory made in your home will be yours and yours alone.
  • Meets Current Codes – Building codes change but that doesn’t mean all homes comply. With new construction, you’ll know that everything was built according to the newest building codes.

Challenges of New Construction

  • Delay to Occupation – With existing homes, you can usually start moving in within a month or two, but with new construction, this timeline can be anywhere from four months to a year. You can reduce this longer period by going with a predesigned floor plan or semi-custom home. You can also eliminate it entirely by going with a spec home.
  • Higher Cost – Your initial cost will usually be higher with new construction because everything is new. In an existing home, the depreciation on appliances and condition of the home can drop the price down. However, since you won’t have to replace things as soon with new construction, you could easily end up paying less overall.

If you would like advice about new construction verses existing homes, don’t hesitate to contact us at Beason Homes. We build semi-custom homes that have the advantage of going up more quickly and being lower in cost.