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new home construction will provide you with a truly energy efficient residence
New home construction has many benefits but one of our absolute favorites is energy efficiency. This is an area where new construction homes really shine and are—hands down—better than existing homes. An older home means older windows, older fixtures, and older standards that the builders had to adhere to. With our current understanding of energy conservation and the advances made in technology, new home construction will provide you with a truly energy efficient residence. Take a minute to watch this video about what Energy Star certification and what it means in new home construction.

According to the Energy Star website, features of an Energy Star certified newly built home include:

•    Efficient Lighting & Appliances—so your dishwasher, fridge, oven, etc. will all have the Energy Star label and your lightbulbs will be LED.

•    Complete Thermal Enclosure—this refers to your insulation and a tightly sealed home. Older homes sometimes have leaks around doors or windows that make your HVAC system work harder. You won’t find this problem in Energy Star certified new home construction.

•    Independent Inspections & Testing—this means the inspections are performed by a third party that doesn’t have anything to gain by passing a home. That means you can trust the inspections and testing were done without bias and according to Energy Star regulations.

•    Water Protection System—using the best water protective materials in your roof, walls, and foundation to avoid water damage at any time in the future.

•    High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling—your HVAC system will run at optimal settings for maximum energy savings.