residential real estate If you’re like many home buyers, you’ve probably discovered that finding the perfect home is not as easy as you might think. The ins and outs of navigating vast amounts of residential real estate can be frustrating. Our team at Beason Homes is here to help. We want to make sure you understand the basics of residential real estate versus buying a custom home and that you get exactly what you are looking for when we’re done.

  1. What is residential real estate, really? It’s the place you are going to live. And it’s already built. It’s the home you are going to move into and put your kids to sleep in. It includes the shed where you’re going to store the riding lawnmower. And it’s the land all of this stands on where you’ll play sports after dinner with your kids as the sun goes down behind beautiful trees in the backyard.
  2. Nice and new? If you’ve decided that new is for you, did you know that residential real estate is still an option? That’s right. At Beason Homes, we market new homes that may be just right for you.
  3. Residential real estate not for you? Grow from plans up! If you find your dreams are bigger and nobody’s quite captured the vision inside your own head, don’t worry. We can help with that, too. We specialize in building the affordable custom home you’ve always wanted. We can fully or partially customize the home you dream of from the plans up. We’ll get you in and growing into your dreams until your dreams become the traditions you’ve hoped for in your own home.