Your dream can come true faster than you might think. By looking at existing custom houses for sale, your dream home could go from imagination to reality months sooner. While the main reason to have a custom home built is to get uniqueness and a customized result, you might be surprised to learn that someone else out there might just have had a very similar idea of what makes for the perfect home.

Save Time by Considering Existing Custom Houses for Sale

Whether that was a family that wasn’t able to take possession due to an unexpected change in their circumstances, or a builder opted to build a couple extra homes that they planned out themselves, you can find existing custom houses for sale that will be able to be moved into as soon as the closing process concludes. No waiting for construction or any of the other time-consuming steps!

When a builder has existing custom houses for sale, they are generally in a position to make certain changes to them as well. So, even if you look at a home and find it lacking in something that can be quickly resolved, you can still save quite a bit of time.

In addition to saving time, you can also sometimes save money. Building materials are continually on the rise, so starting now on a home may have higher construction costs than one that was built back when prices were lower. Other things can also increase, such as utility tie-ins, permitting costs, and labor costs, which all influence the final cost of a home.

At Beason Homes, we occasionally have move-in-ready homes available. Give us a call, and we’ll take you to see what we have and discuss any changes that could be made if you desire. Also, if that doesn’t work out, we have a very streamlined process for home construction that can get you into a new home sooner than you might think. Let us help you get the home of your dreams!