Semi-Custom HomesIf you have visited with just about every production home builder in the area and have yet to find something that fits what you are looking for, you may have considered having a custom home built. The jump in cost from production to custom, however, can be costly, not just financially but also in the amount of time it can take from planning through closing. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something in between production and custom?

Well, there is! Semi-custom homes are the best of both worlds. When a builder specializes in this type of home, they are able to give you far more options for customization than a production builder does, and production time is quite a bit faster than with a custom home. You’ll be moving in before you know it!

When the layout of a production home floor plan mostly fits what you have in mind, it isn’t very difficult for those who build semi-custom homes to give you the finishing touches and certain modifications that will make it truly your own. You will get the custom home feel and satisfaction for less money.

If the idea of packing your belongings to move sooner rather than later and having money left over to do the things you enjoy sounds like a good plan to you, give us a call at Beason Homes, your premier home builder for semi-custom homes in the Denver, North Carolina area. Our owners are local and take pride in providing such a perfect solution to the community.