Whether your family is getting bigger or you want to relocate because you are in need of a change, you may think that you need to settle for a home already on the market because of some of the things you’ve heard about custom homes. Instead of not considering custom home building as a possibility, read over these common myths about custom homes before you make a final decision.


Myth #1: Many people erroneously believe that custom homes are much more expensive than existing homes. While there are circumstances that can require you to pay a high price for a custom home, such as building on a premium lot, generally speaking, building a custom home is not any more expensive than purchasing one already on the market.

Myth #2: Another myth that exists is that the custom home building process takes way too long. Contrary to popular belief, it takes just a few months for a new home to be built from concept to completion. This is often less time than it takes to research homes, bid on a home, and close on the sale of an existing property.

Myth #3: Finally, many think that designing a custom home is a huge hassle that must be completed independently. However, at Beason Homes, we have a team of designers already in place who are ready to help you lay out a home that captures your vision and then turns it into a reality.