Home DesignPicking out a home design is one of the most exciting parts about building a custom home. However, to make sure that you feel confident with your choice, it’s a good idea to ask yourself these key questions while you’re in the middle of the selection process.

1.  What Does this Home Design Have that Your Home Doesn’t? Some of the easy answers to this question might include more bedrooms or bathrooms, improved space for entertaining, or better storage. However, you need to look beyond the obvious to determine exactly how the design of the home will positively impact your lifestyle. For example, maybe having an office will mean fewer late evenings away, or a laundry room on the top floor will mean less time climbing stairs while you do laundry.

2.  Will this Home Design Have Enough Space in Five Years? While that floor plan may seem like the perfect fit right now, will it still work for your family 5, 10, or 15 years down the road? Think about how all of the rooms in your home can convert to serve other purposes as your needs change over time.

3.  Will the Design Work with Your Personal Tastes? Not all home designs work with certain types of decorating. For example, if you like to go with different themes in every room, it may be hard to make an open floor plan look cohesive. Comparatively, if your style stays fairly constant from room to room, an open home design may work out well.