House DesignWhile the number one reason for a family to sell a home and relocate is for an opportunity in a new area of the country, the second most common reason is that their old home no longer meets their needs. While sometimes this is as a result of unexpected changes, often it is something that could have been planned for when coming up with the original house design. The following are the top things to consider during the house design process that just might keep you from having to move.

  1. Plan for Growth – Families rarely stay the same size for long. Having at least three bedrooms may seem like too much if you are just a young couple starting out, but once children come along or perhaps you need to care for an aging parent, you will be glad your house design included an extra bedroom or two. Even if your children are now grown and have left the nest, having extra bedrooms is ideal for those grandchildren to come visit one day. It is also a wise idea to include a den/office because telecommuting is growing in popularity. Also, consider that eventually babies become drivers, so be sure you have sufficient garage space and/or parking areas.
  1. Plan for Storage – A house design with lots of large rooms can still feel cramped when you don’t have sufficient storage to put things away. A common feature that is very popular today is having large walk-in closets in every bedroom, not just the master. A large pantry is another necessity you shouldn’t overlook.
  1. Plan for Resale – Sometimes it happens and there is no way out of it– you need to sell your home. If you have chosen your house design wisely, there is a better chance of selling at top dollar. Your home builder can easily advise you on what features are the most highly sought-after by buyers in your area.


At Beason Homes, we endeavor to help you with a house design that plans for growth, storage, resale value, and many other criteria that will enable you to enjoy your home for many years to come and enjoy a nice profit when you sell someday. Call us today to learn more.