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favorite home design trends
Through the years, home design has constantly been changing to match the lifestyles of the modern generation. We live very differently now than Americans did even 50 years ago. Couple those lifestyle changes with the advancements made in technology and building materials and the result is truly evolved home design. We have come a long way and we just wanted to make a blog post to recognize some of our favorite home design trends (and tell you why we love them). Here they are:

•   The Great Room. What started out as a novel concept decades ago is now a standard of living. The great room combines the kitchen, dining, and family living areas in one big open space without walls to separate each area. We love this trend because of the feeling of togetherness it allows families to have. With our busy lives it is nice to be able to talk to each other even if we may be doing different things—a teenager doing homework at the table can ask for help from a parent making dinner in the kitchen, all while a younger sibling plays with toys on the floor next to the sofa.

•   The Master Shower. You may have noticed in recent years the trend of enlarging the shower in the master bathroom—sometimes even to the extent of foregoing a tub! These large showers are grand and spa-like and so functional! As adults, we spend most of our bathing time in the shower. Why not make it nice? We love all the new features that are available, including multiple shower heads, installed shower bench seats, or a relaxing rainfall shower head.

•   Outside Living Area. Many homes are adding an outdoor living space that becomes an extension of the home during nice weather. The design for patio furniture has come a long way so that now you can have truly comfortable furniture that will hold up under exposure to the elements. Add a nice fire pit, some lighting, and a dining set and you basically have an outdoor great room! Who wouldn’t want to add square footage to their home for half of the year?