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At Beason Homes, we have found that everyone has a different idea when it comes to custom build homes. You might choose to go down this path because you haven’t found an existing home you like or a floor plan that fits all your wants and needs to your complete satisfaction. We enjoy taking the time during the planning stage to be sure every feature you want gets incorporated, so your dream home can be your forever home. Here are a few unique features to consider for your custom home that could have a benefit you haven’t yet thought about.

Unique Features for Your Custom Home [infographic]

  • Built-Ins: While there will always be furniture items you want to move around from time to time, others such as a built-in bookcase, desk, or entertainment center offer a very functional space that never goes out of style.
  • Mudroom: It used to be that families were happy with a hall closet to shove boots, coats, hats, and gloves into. A mudroom is much more useful, especially for an active family that needs a place to put sporting equipment and other outdoor-use items.
  • Extra Laundry: If you are planning a custom build two-story home, consider a laundry room on each floor to make laundry day easier.
  • Outdoor Living Space: When designing your custom build home, consider an area that is under the roof for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.
  • Wine Cellar: A wine cellar or storage area is a popular choice for those who entertain or enjoy collecting and maintaining a selection of fine wines.
  • Hidden Room: Whether to create a fun, secret place as the children’s playroom or for more adult uses, such as a private office or hidden library, a room that is concealed behind a bookcase or other feature can be a fun addition to a custom build home.
  • Breakfast Nook: If you are planning a formal dining room, don’t forget that many families tend to shy away from it for informal meals, such as breakfast and quick dinners. Consider a breakfast nook area with built-in seating for those impromptu snacks.
  • Bathroom Oasis: Many families are opting to splurge on the master bedroom and sometimes even an additional one, to create a spa-like environment that is ideal for relaxing and reducing stress.