New ConstructionBuilding a new home is an exciting time, and while you may have those nagging thoughts about what could go wrong in the back of your mind, you’ll be able to put most of them at ease if you learn a bit about insurance.

You plan to use a construction company that is fully insured, so you may think everything will be fine and there isn’t anything you need to do. The reality is that a builder’s insurance policy covers construction mishaps, but won’t cover you if a disaster occurs. You should obtain a construction insurance policy so that if a severe storm damages the materials or even what has already been built, you are covered. These policies are generally quite affordable and well worth it.

There are things you should consider during the new construction build that can affect your insurance rates once the home is completed, too. What materials are used and various build features are considered when your rate is determined. Some of the things you should consider for lower rates are durable siding, metal roofing, concrete framing instead of wood, and hurricane straps in the attic.

At Beason Homes, we are happy to discuss any features you would like for your new construction project that will help you save on insurance rates. We make sure you are fully informed of the cost of any upgrade or feature so that you can make an informed decision. Call us today and we’ll get started with your new construction planning right away.