HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning). In our new homes built along Lake Norman, we know that electric and gas heat pumps from Trane and Mitsubishi are superior HVAC systems. So those are what we use. Heat pumps heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Trane heat pumps are HSFP rated for heating (the ratio of energy efficiency in heat pumps) and SEER for cooling (the energy efficiency of air conditioners). Trane heat pumps are also very quiet, with fans and insulation reducing noise to a library-quiet level. And they are a great value, meaning not just price, but quality and price. They are also Energy Star qualified. And their TruComfort variable speed systems and integrated computing technology keep your home at its optimum temperature, avoiding energy spikes.

Mitsubishi heat pumps also add their Zoned Comfort Solution, customizing zones in your home to fit your personal needs. They provide instant warmth with a sensor that scans each room and adjusts the temperature accordingly. They have an inverter-driven compressor that uses the exact amount of energy needed, making their heat pumps up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems. And their heat pumps include air filtration — they capture odors, allergens, bacteria, etc. for cleaner, healthier indoor air.

Beason experts will give you all the information on every possible unit, helping you make the choice that is best for your new custom home and right for you