Legacy Series

Some of the nation’s most successful professionals and executives choose to build their own homes to their own exacting preferences. They are the most discerning; they are the most unwilling to compromise; they have always achieved personal and creative growth through their experiences, and they intend to do so in their new home. They know that authenticity is often sacrificed in this time of mass production and over-saturation, and they have no intention of being anything less than authentic. They want their new Lake Norman home to be indicative of their life, a life well lived, a life balanced between work and relationships, a place where they can create and share their life experiences with family, friends, neighbors and associates. If you are one of them, please call us for an appointment.

Your architect or residential designer or ours, your site or ours — the Beason team will help you build the home that fits your needs and reflects your identity, your life philosophies and your voice. We are committed to making your dream come to life, for the rest of your life.