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Custom Homes, Mooresville, NC

We build custom homes in Mooresville with the ultimate in distinction and quality.

Custom Homes in Mooresville, North Carolina
Have you ever thought about how many flavors of ice cream there are? Nobody can even put a number on it because you can mix practically anything into an ice cream base and have something unique. The same is true when you decide to build custom homes. There simply isn’t one flavor to suit everyone, and at Beason Homes, we are passionate about creating that new, never-heard-of, delectably different “ice cream.” Our custom homes go above and beyond that of other Mooresville, North Carolina builders because we have the imagination and passion for giving you something truly unique and amazing.

We cannot take all the credit, however, because our greatest asset when building custom homes is working to design the dream as our client envisions it. We know the important stuff like engineering requirements and code requirements, as well as what features are popular now. We also have the experience born from building many custom homes to have a wealth of ideas for ways to address particular concerns. The result of our expertise and your vision is a custom home with the perfect marriage of functionality and aesthetics.

We know that building custom homes is more time-consuming than a production home or even a semi-custom home, so we want to make sure the result is worth the extra effort. We don’t want you to just love your home; we want you to be amazed by it and proud to call it your own. Because of this, we don’t just take painstaking care in the design, but also in the construction. The care and detail that go into our workmanship are second-to-none. Give us a call, and let’s get started with your castle!



At Beason Homes, we proudly build custom homes in MooresvilleDenver, Terrell, Sherrills Ford, Lincolnton, Catawba, Statesville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, and the Lake Norman area in North Carolina.