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New Construction, Statesville, NC

We’ll help you plan your new construction in Statesville with both today and the future in mind.

Most people who go with new construction for their home in the Statesville, North Carolina area plan to be in the home for many years, or perhaps their entire lifetime. When that is the case, you need a builder who will help you create a floorplan and select features taking into account both present and future needs. Here at Beason Homes, we’ll help you plan your new construction with both today and the future in mind. Here are a few tips to consider.

New Construction in Statesville, North Carolina

  • Bedrooms – When you have a baby, you want a nursery that is close by. Later when they are teenagers, a bit of distance is favored. If you are just beginning your family, you may favor new construction with one bedroom near the master with others in another area. Another option is having a bonus room by the master that you can use for a nursery now and as an office or media room later. It is recommended to go with at least a 3-bedroom home if you plan on having a family.
  • Open Floor Plan – It is nice to have an open floor plan for a variety of reasons, such as keeping an eye on the kids playing in the living room while preparing dinner or being able to entertain more easily. One drawback of an open floor plan is being able to get away from other family members when you need some peace. If you suspect you’ll want a more closed floor plan later, choose one that has a layout that will permit adding walls later. Another option is to get one with a bonus room, so there’s a bit more space for everyone to be content.
  • Bathrooms – One or even two bathrooms may seem sufficient when it is just the two of you, but most families find that you can never have too many. A good option is to have a master bathroom, one or two more for the other family members, and one more for guests to use, which could be a half-bath.
  • One or Two Story – A two-story home is an ideal way to get more living space on the same property size. However, it may not be as useful later in life when those stairs become a challenge. To plan for the future, it might be wise to choose a floor plan that has at least one bedroom on the main floor.

We offer the ideal solution for getting the new construction result that works well for now and the future. Our pre-designed floor plans, custom, and semi-custom options give you complete control. Our staff is happy to schedule a consultation and take the time during the planning stage to be sure your new construction project turns out exactly as you envision.





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