The Beason  Process

There are thousands of details that go into a custom home. But at Beason, we can boil them down to three phases, with an explanation of each.

1. Pre-construction: You have decided to build your own custom home along Lake Norman, and you have made the decision to build with Beason. In our offices, we will first develop a pre-construction agreement, preliminary plans and specifications. We will guide you through the process and also put it in writing. When the initial plans and specifications are completed and agreed upon, we will create an initial cost estimate, review it carefully with you, and then finalize it. Once you sign the building contract, we will help you obtain a mortgage. Then, the adventure begins. You choose the roofing materials and exterior colors; we will give you a construction schedule. At the pre-construction meeting, you will begin to review your interior selections (paint colors, type and color of flooring, ceiling details, trim carpentry, cabinet knobs, doors, kitchen tiles, etc.). All the while, we will be securing building permits. Our next meeting is at the construction site, and then.

2. Construction: The building begins and you start to see your dreams become a physical reality. We dig your home’s footprint and pour the foundation, while you make cabinet, appliance, plumbing and electrical selections. Your home’s framing (rough carpentry) is built, the windows and doors are installed, and the roof is created. At this point, your home looks like a piece of modern sculpture, and we walk through it together as you review the framing and placement of electrical outlets. We position the HVAC unit and plumbing and pull electric cables while you select the interior finishes and trims (wainscoting, ceiling beams, lighting cans, etc.). After we blow-in the insulation and install the drywall, your structure begins to look like the home you had imagined, especially after we install the interior doors, cabinets, countertops and wood trims and finish the interior painting. With the home near completed, you make the landscaping selections, including driveways, walks and porches. We complete the final details — the HVAC system, plumbing, flooring, cabinet hardware, etc. — and send you a 30-day move-in letter! We install the carpeting, do our final touch-ups, obtain your certificate of occupancy, and inspect the home with you. During this final walk-through, we explain how everything in the home works and go through a final checklist.

3. Post-Construction: You close on your home, receive your key and move in! We do another follow-up in 30 days and again in 10 months (per our warranties). And you…ENJOY!