Like all of our architectural designs and building materials, we at Beason put all our years of experience and study into your windows. They need to be aesthetically beautiful and placed in site lines that afford straight-line views to your landscaping and our beautiful Lake Norman scenery. But they also serve a major pragmatic purpose. We can’t emphasize it enough: water is the great enemy of all buildings, and we make every painstaking effort to keep it out of your home. Your windows are major parts of your home’s water resistance, interior climate control and money-saving energy efficiencies.

Windows are essentially made of two parts: the glass and the frames. Glass comes in various thicknesses and energy efficiencies. We will advise you on what e-glass is best for your home, based on topography, wind currents and site placement (how much direct sunlight your home will receive daily).

The big differences in windows are based on their frames. In Midwestern or mountainous climates, where temperatures always get below zero in the winters and well into the 90’s in the summers, frames will expand and contract, and vinyl frames will eventually form cracks and let in ice, snow and water.

But in the temperate Lake Norman area, vinyl material is just fine for frames, so long as an excellent, experienced and trusted manufacturer has built them. At Beason, we use vinyl windows from Plygem and Jeldwen, two superb resources. Or, you can choose to spend a little more for the finest composite and aluminum-clad or fiberglass-clad (metal or fiberglass over wood) framed windows by Anderson and Pella. All of these manufacturers have long warranties.

No matter which you choose, you simply cannot go wrong. We won’t let you. We are always there to help you pick the best materials for your home.